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Did you listen to the video above?   It is very important that you listen to this video.

The 30 Minute Workday Review by  K. Mickey Smythwood Sr.


"The 30 Minute Workday"   (aka 30MWD)  was created by Nick Bramble to help online entrepreneurs

to have a simple Marketing System for free.    Yes, I said that right, the system is free.

You will have free lifetime access to the membership site.

I have seen many systems charge hundreds of dollars a month just to use their system.


The 30 Minute Workday system is set up with the recommended marketing tools you will need, like the

autoresponder and funnel builder, to build your list and make money online.   The video's and written

training are simple  to understand and follow, very beginner friendly.   The 30MWD  shows you exactly

what to do with nothing left out.   You will learn everything you need to know to make money online



Additionally,  you will be given free access to Nick's 183 page e-book that explains how to make your

first  $100,000 online in as little as 30 Minutes Per Day , with just 3 simple Steps.


The fact that Nick does not charge for the marketing system is awesome BUT  for him not to charge for

his e-book,  well I can hardly believe that he gives it away for free.  That's crazy!  I am impressed with

how much this guy wants to help you and me succeed!  I would sign up just to get his free e-book.


The e-book is packed with extremely valuable information and training.  You will learn literally everything

you need to know to succeed in making money online at home the right way.


What I like most is the easy to follow steps  within the back office so you can be up and running within

few hours.    Also, something that really helps me is that it keeps me focused and directed on only the

things I need to do to make money online with the daily tasks.   


"The 30 Minute Workday" literally teaches you how to make money online


by only working 30 minutes a day!   You will see how easy it really is!



The 30 Minute Workday DOUBLES in size in Just 2 Weeks! May 8, 2020

Listen in as the creator of The 30 Minute Workday talks about the  explosive growth  


Did You Join?.......Do that first, then..............


(Everything below is just to show you what to expect in the back office:

Join and go through Phase 1 - which is what you will see below)


The two Primary Tools Recommended to Begin Making Money Within Your First 48 Hours.

This really works if follow the steps.

Set these up and then you can begin promoting with free and/or paid traffic.

(And I've got the traffic for you with my link at the bottom of page.)

Phase 1

Setting Up Your Income Streams


If you follow all the steps in Phase 1 of The 30 Minute Workday,

You will see exactly how to set up your income streams.



Income Stream #1: HBA Funnel Builder


A funnel builder is a "must-have" tool for promoting any affiliate business.

 HBA Funnel Builder is only $25/month


You earn 80% commissions (That's $20/month)

when you promote this tool along side 30MWD.


So you only need to get 2 sign ups to be in profit!


Not just that, but it's also 4x cheaper than it's ClickFunnels competitor.




Please Note:  You can join HBA Funnel Builder through the red banner below But I mainly put this here so that you can see what it is all about.  If you do join through my link below please be sure to Join The 30 Minute Workday and put your link where it is requested in back office.   Now,  you can use HBA Funnel Builder for whatever you are wanting to promote but by connecting with The 30 Minute Workday you will be able to promote it as well as build a business for yourself by promoting The 30 Minute Workday.  Also, below the video you will see a blue banner that connects you to the 3 products offered by HBA Funnel Builder and their compensation.

The Home Business Academy Review and Demo


Income Stream #2: GetResponse


The next most important tool for any affiliate marketing business is an Autoresponder. 

30 MWD recommends GetResponse, which offers a free trial for the first 30 days, then $15/month.

Just like the HBA funnel builder, you do not need to use this tool to promote 30MWD,

however I do recommend it. Even if you don't want to use GetResponse,

I do highly recommend you do get an autoresponder,

if you want to be successful in this business.

So, even if you are using another autoresponder tool,

you can still earn commissions with GetResponse,

because their affiliate program is free to join.

Therefore, you do not need to purchase GetResponse to earn the 33% commissions.

(If you are already a member of GetResponse you do not have to sign up again, use your links you have)

Click Banner to Get Your First 30 Days for Free

List Building Forms


What You Will See in Back Office - Phase 1

Now that you've followed the steps to set up your income streams,

and "push the traffic" button.

You need to work on the daily action steps.

​ All the information will be found in your 30 MWD dashboard

Read the 30 MWD book and watch all the trainings until everything clicks.

​ There's a wealth of information you're getting for free,

so there's no harm in reading and watching the videos over and over.

Daily Action Steps Shown Under Phase 1

Now Phase 1 is all about "your Business in a Box"

getting you set up and making money very quickly.

Phase 2 and 3

Phase 2 and 3 will show and teach you how to make multiple income streams.


Listen to this video about - Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 - CLICK HERE




Here is just one of many Testimonies - He made $340 in 1st 48 hours


Trey stumbled onto The 30 Minute Workday by accident,

but that didn't stop him from adding 100 new members in his first day!

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This is not a "get rich quick" program nor do I believe in overnight success. 

I believe in hard work, integrity and developing your skills if you want to earn more financially.

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