Get a quick layout of the three Home Business Academy products

and their generous affiliate compensation plan in this video.

Here are the three products and cost.

HBA Funnel Builder is $25/month - Commission is $20/month

HBA Premium is $125/month - Commission is $100/month

Financial Literacy is One Time $1,000 - Commission is $800 every time someone purchases 

(Discounts at $500 for Financial Literacy offered from time to time)


All these products pay you when you own that product 80% commissions. You do have to own the product to get the commission for that product. For example, I own the HBA Funnel Builder AND HBA Premium so my total cost each month is $150/month. I purchased the HBA Funnel Builder to begin with and then when one of my sign ups purchased the HBA Premium I then purchased the HBA Premium I lost the commission on their first purchase but then I began getting commissions on their subsequent months after that.

Within my first two months I was able to get 26 30MWD sign ups and 10 purchased the HBA Funnel Builder and 1 purchased the Premium.  So that's $200 on the HBA Funnel Builder and $100 on the HBA Premium.  That is a total of $300 dollars and I did this with free traffic!  Now that I am in profit I am now purchasing paid SOLO Ad traffic.  

(Note: Home Business Academy pays out every Friday. There is a small fee for processing your payouts.)